Realtor/Property Management Information

Welcome to the Battlement Mesa Metropolitan District Community! Please contact our office if you have any other additional questions. We look forward to serving your water needs! 

Please email requests to 

The Battlement Mesa Metropolitan Distrect requires Disconnect/Reconnect requests to be submitted at least 24 hours in advance to the request date.  

Disconnect/Reconnect Requests are used for: 

  1. Appraisals
  2. Non-emergency repairs
  3. If the home will be vacant for an extended period or
  4. Other; if you choose other, please specify on the form. 

The BMMD services from the meter to the street. From the meter to the home, is the homeowners responsibility. 

We will only give out information pertaining to utility accounts to the person who the account's name is under, the homeowner and/or the property manager. 

The BMMD will notify customers via mailed letter if the property is flagged for a leak or abnormally high usage. This letter is a courtesy. The BMMD will help assess the issue, but the BMMD is not responsible for fixing the issue unless the leak is located in the service line between the meter and the street. 

If you are needing to put services into your name and need a New Service Request, please visit the Customer Service tab and click New Service Request.