Backflow Prevention Device

Each year the backflow prevention device for your irrigation system must be inspected. The inspection ensures that the device is functioning properly so as to prevent contamination of our water system. Inspections are dictated by both sound water utility practice, as well as compliance with the Colorado Primary Drinking Water Regulations which were adopted November 18, 1998, and became effective January 30, 1999.

Each property owner is responsible for their own backflow prevention device, including its annual inspection and repair or replacement. 

All backflow prevention devices must be tested and repaired by June 30th, annually.

Following that date, the water connection may be disconnected where inspections have not been completed, and the District's staff will then complete the testing, for which you will be billed. 

If you did not receive a Backflow letter/retainment form in the mail, please fill out the below document and email it to or drop it off at 401 Arroyo Drive, Battlement Mesa. This form ensures the BMMD office that you have hired a certified Backflow technician to test your device. Please contact the office if you need more assistance. 

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